Factors to consider when purchasing a microwave

A microwave is an outstanding kitchen appliance given it can defrost and reheat food items quickly. People also use the microwave to prepare some types of food. However, most people do not realize how versatile a microwave can be when it comes to the preparation of food. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a microwave that you will purchase, it is important to understand the difference between the different microwave ovens as well as their functionality as this will help you to pick the microwave that suits your needs most while still getting good value for the money you spent on it. Here are some of the factors that should be kept in mind when purchasing a microwave.

Tips for buying the perfect microwave

Size and capacity

If you are thinking of preparing an entire meal in one go, you need a microwave that has the capacity and features to do so. Do not look at just the size of the microwave. You should also look at the usable space inside it. Some microwaves have two shelves, and they are practical as they allow you to use the space efficiently thus making the cooking process fast.

Additional features

Some microwaves have features that can help you ensure that the meals come out perfectly prepared all the time. For instance, built-in-menu settings make it easy to choose the best options for various food. Such options include the cooking times and the power percentage. Other microwaves have humidity sensors that sense the moisture levels thus adjusting the cooking time and power accordingly. The defrost settings are also essential because they can be used to thaw the food without drying it out.

Check the consumer reviews

It is advisable to read the consumer reviews beforehand so that you can see which type is the best. That will help you to know the best brands and the ones that you should avoid. Do not check the reviews on just one site. Look them up on various sites to avoid biased ones.

Check the wattage

Microwaves that have higher wattages cook food faster. Even when you check the recipes instructions, most of them suggest that the microwave should produce at least 800 watts to ensure that the food is thoroughly and evenly cooked or baked. Different microwaves have different watts ranging from 600-1200 watts. If you will be using it for cooking, ensure you get one that has enough power.


What to consider when buying a frozen drink machine

Frozen drink machines have become popular over time especially for parties. This is because they can be of great help when it comes to making the best-frozen party drinks. These frozen drink machines can also be used for other drinks besides party drinks like cappuccino, coffees, smoothies, and lemonades and even frozen mochas. The frozen drink machine is very easy to use. All that needs to be done is add ice to the ice reservoir of the jar that is used for blending. After that, syrup can be added to the jar and then you can select the drink you want. In a matter of minutes, the drink will be ready. Below are some of the factors that should be considered when getting the machine.

Factors to consider when getting a frozen drink machine

Drink types

Most of the machines have the capability of making different types of drinks. Some of the most common concoctions made by the models include slushies and smoothies. However, some machines are more advanced as compared to others because they come with several blending jars such that one can make several drinks at a go. That will help you to cater for all the drinks that your guests like.

Drink capacity

Before getting a machine, it is important to decide whether you will be making a lot of frozen drinks simultaneously or whether you will just need to make a type in large amounts. Whatever your agenda is, ensure that you get a machine that suits your needs. You can either get a machine that has multiple blenders or one that has a large blending jar.


No matter how good the machine looks like or how good it performs, all that does not matter if the machine will fail after using it for a few times. Getting a machine that is made with the best materials. It should be durable, light weight, and made with shatter proof blending jars.

Ice capacity

You have to keep in mind that the drinks will not freeze without ice. The single blending machines mostly have a smaller ice reservoir as compared to the machines that have multiple blenders. Therefore, they can make a limited amount of drinks before they have to be replenished. On the other hand, the larger machines have multiple blending jars, and their ice reservoir is large as well. They can, therefore, make unlimited drinks and they are often better than the smaller ones.…