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Russell Simmons – the Life, the Music, the Mogul

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musicSo who is Russel Simmons?

Before the iconic artists such as Dre, Diddy and Jay Z made a name for themselves – one rapper wore the hip-hop crown, Russell Simmons. As a person who started from the streets of New York a lot is desired in his meteoric rise. Simmons started as a promoter, transitioned into an artist manager. Later on, he re-invented himself into a record producer, a path that set him on the right track to owning his label. The success that accompanied his decisions gave him the expertise to develop a formidable business portfolio. Surprisingly, with great success, he took a different path and began giving back part of that success to the community. Having diversified his investment portfolio he amassed a huge fortune of over 300 million dollars, becoming an icon of his race and community.

During his time with Def Jam – the label co-founded with Rick Rubin – the duo directly contributed to the development of the culture. They also pioneered the genre crossover between rap and rock on iconic tracks such as Walk this Way by Run-DMC. They fueled the merger of hip-hop and fashion, setting the perfect opportunity for a transition into the global arena.

After a string of sexual assault allegations hit the rapper in late 017, he decided to step down from his businesses. New allegations followed too in 2018.



Born back in October 4-year 1957, Russell Simmons was the second son in a family of three children. His brother is a teacher, and his sister is an administrator. The family was raised in the Queens, New York around the Jamaica neighborhood. Simmons once gave a recollection of the time to the Guardian, describing how there was a serious drug problem. His site dhow is parents were hard working with dreams and aspirations. He recollected how he got to use drugs, something that made him diseased and depressed.

For a while, he described how he started selling drugs and ran a street gang. They called themselves the Seven Immortals. To change his life trajectory, his father got him a job at Orange Julius. It only took a month for him to lose his job as he found it humorous to throw oranges at people. The turning point in his life was when one of the gang members in his crew was murdered. He went into City College and majored in Sociology.



A string of factors, some by chance and others by own volition, introduced the mogul to hip-hop. Soon he began throwing parties with a friend, Curtis Walker – talented MC and Dj. The success of their track, Christmas Rappin, set their path into the industry, so they dropped out of college. Later on, they joined Profile records after which they partnered to work on Def Jam as co-owners. Def Jam became a big name in hip-hop, even landing the very first million dollar deal.




Rubin departed the label in 1988 on what was supposedly creative differences. Def Jam was eventually sold to Universal Music Group for a handful sum, Simmons became one of the richest people in hip-hop. Today, Russell Simmons music and his projects stand out as an inspiration for many young aspiring artists. That’s the all information about Russell Simmons IMDB Profile.