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What You Need to Know About Wrinkles

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The concept of the forever-young kind of beauty has received the spotlight of becoming the world’s most talked-about beauty-related issue, encouraging its enthusiasts to do whatever it takes to take years off of their face. It is not something wrong, of course, considering the forever-changing nature of beauty trends which subtly implies that it is something that the majority of the trend’s female fans go for. However, many have declared the process of natural aging as one of the biggest obstacles that one must handle before achieving their goal of natural youth.

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Wrinkles, thus, have been the truest manifestation form of these obstacles. This fact has inevitably resulted in the manufacturing of thousands of commercial products aiming to prevent the wrinkles forming on the skin surface. These mejor crema antiarrugas have eventually changed the face of our society where beauty is what people appreciate the most as more and more women tend to spend thousands of dollars trying to fix this issue. If you are one of these women, there are several facts that you must know about what you are dealing with.

The Types

close up shot of an old woman's cheek and earNot all wrinkles are the same, and this is the first fact that you must be familiar with. Two types of lines will appear on one’s face after they arrive in their mid-thirties. They are dynamic and static. Although this classification still has the tendency to spark debates among the experts, many people dealing with this issue can rely on this classification as a way to understand the aging process better. Then, as not all the people are familiar with these kinds of aging, those terms should come with their definitions.

The static wrinkles are those which appear as the result of hereditary and years of a particular lifestyle. It includes years of alcohol consumption and sunlight overexposure. The dynamic ones, on the other hand, develop over time as the result of muscle movements, such as smiling and talking. One thing in common that both types have is the decreasing level of collagen that is naturally stored inside the epidermic glands. This collagen decreases as people age, making those facial lines visible.

The Cause

We cannot blame the biological process as it is something that all humans cannot avoid. However, particular kinds of lifestyle are surely the ones to blame. Unhealthy meal choices, cigarettes, and alcohol have been deemed responsible for the appearance of those facial lines, putting even more numbers to your face. Although inevitable, avoiding these kinds of unhealthy lifestyle will add the glow to your face and delay the process of natural aging.